Thursday, June 24, 2010 · 8:29pm ET


Posted by: Harold Byne

A couple of weeks ago Gloria and I celebrated our 40th anniversary at one of our favorite places in the world, our friends cottage on Lake Huron. As I sat on the deck, and watched yet another magnificent Port Albert sunset, I was reflecting on the beauty of the moment, the countless special moments over the years, and how critical it is that we not miss the moment.

I remembered, as I often do (some of you have heard me recount this story) that moment sitting on the deck of my London home, grumbling about the fact that half the children in the neighbourhood were in my back yard chewing up my grass and trampling my flowers. Gloria’s comment has been forever etched in my mind and heart … “One day the kids will be gone and the grass will still be here” WOW, how true!

Later in the weekend, we received a wonderful surprise. Sitting in my comfortable chair on the deck over looking the lake, I looked up to see my grandchildren running down the beach toward the cottage. Our friends had arranged with our kids to have our family together to celebrate with us. It was a complete surprise and will be a cherished moment in our memories.

Just as no two sunsets are alike, each moment in our lives is unique, never to return again. How critical it is that we don’t miss them. I have to remind myself of this regularly, because my mind gets so busy and the clutter in my head can distract me, often at the expense of the wonder of the present moment.

As summer begins, and we have opportunity for many special moments, I invite you to join me in a commitment to seize and cherish the wonder of every one of them.

Have a great summer! Carpe’ Diem!! HByne

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