Thursday, June 24, 2010 · 8:26pm ET


Posted by: Harold Byne

Leo Buscaglia wrote, “Life lived for tomorrow will always be just a day away from being realized”

I spend a great deal of time planning and strategyzing for myself, and helping others build their success plans. I believe this to be the absolute most critical key to acheiving success. It is however very important to realize that there is only one point in time that we ever really have control over, and that is the present moment. To fail to plan will result in missing life’s most important moments, and to fail to followthrough with your plan will get you the same results.

Let’s take a moment here … I want to encourage you to STOP and reflect in this moment. Are there memories of past moments lost? Are there present opportunities you are in danger of missing? Is there someone you need to connect with or something you need to do that you have been putting off? Is the noise and clutter of your mind causing you to not be present in important moments?

We all know how the tyranny of the urgent squeeses out what is most important. Senneca, the Roman philospher said, “we should count each day as a seperate life.” John Izzo, in his fabulous book, “The five secrets you must discover before you die” wrote, “Each day is not a step on the way to a destination, it is the destination. We begin to live the moment when we recognize the great gift of being alive one more day and choose not to squander that day, not to ruin it by living in the past or the future”.

There are four things that I am working on in my own experience that I present here, hoping that it will beneficial in helping you seize your moments …

INTENTION … We will do what we intend to do. The stronger the intentionality the greater chance we will follow through. When the power of intention intersects with the wonder of the moment, we will seize it every time. Never squander an intent. Build intentionality into each moment.
REFLECTION … In the busyness and clutter of our day-to-day experience, it is critical that we schedule in some time for personal reflection. We must learn to shut off the outside noise, quiet the chatter, clean up the internal clutter, and listen to our hearts and souls. Blaise Pascal wrote, “All men’s miseries derive from not being ale to sit quietly in a room alone.” Make this a daily discipline and you will miss fewer of life’s important moments.
VALUATION … Nothing is more important personally, in our relationships, in our business, than a clear and accurate valuation. When we have complete clarity on what is most important, we will seize the opportunities to honour that valuation.
APPRECIATION… Be thankful. One of the greatest exercises we could ever do is to keep a gratitude log – that is write down the things we are most grateful for. It has been said, “only the stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things”. Being thankful clarifies things wonderfully and will keep us focused on and in sync to respond to the important moments.

I read recently, “rather than rushing through such moments, I began to practice breathing them in”. I like that. I know I have a lot of work to do to get better at not missing the moments, and I also know there are ways to get better at it. The above four disciplines will help. Join me, we’ll get better together.                   HByne

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