Friday, June 4, 2010 · 3:56pm ET

Who’s on 1st?

Posted by: Harold Byne

I enjoy watching my grandkids play sports.  Most intriguing the past couple of years has been watching 10 year old Adam experience the learning curve of playing baseball.  Here, after hitting a single, he gets instruction from the first base coach  … pay attention to the signs, watch the pitch, get ready to run, go when I tell you, don’t go if it is a catchable fly ball, watch the runner on second, etc. etc. When in the field, there is another list of things to remember … move in, play deeper, move over, back up the throw to at first base, watch the runner, check the sign, try to get the lead runner, etc. etc.  Sometimes these young player are just spinning and total confusion results, other times they simply lose focus and forget to follow through with their assignment.  It is interesting for me to watch the frustration levels of the coach elevate, adding to the confusion on the field.

Watching baseball is a different experience to watching hockey. Although I would rather watch a hockey game any day, I thoroughly enjoy watching Adam’s ball games (sitting in a lawn chair on a warm summer evening beats the cold arena hands down). The slower pace however allows for a more cerebral and strategic interaction between the coach and the player.  While watching  the game, my mind often wanders as I reflect on coaching experience I may have had earlier that day.  I wonder if I had been effective in helping my client, think through the options and proceed to the next base.

I want my grandson to develop the skills, pay attention to the coaches, learn the game, but above all else, I want him to experience personal joy and fullfillment in the process.  We all know how debilitating it can be when joy and fulfillment has vacated the experience.

With this ezine greeting, goes out my sincere wish that you will find the personal fulfillment and experience genuine joy as you engage the challenge of the game.        H Byne

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