Coaching Programs

 INTEG offers a variety of services and programs designed to take you and your business to the next level. Both one-on-one coaching processes and team building initiatives will be tailored to the unique needs of your situation for optimum results.

  • Peak Development Program
    This process designed to lead a person on a journey of discovery that will carefully assess one’s present reality, identify life scripting influences, take a personal inventory, and establish a vision for the future.
  • Maximum Impact Program
    This business and practice development program is designed to help you get out of the default mode and into design thinking. You will establish a compass and roadmap that will strategically move you toward your defined next level. Measuring and monitoring tools will insure that you reach your desired objectives.
  • Leader Support Program
    This program is built on the premise that you have the experience behind you and the answers within you, and would value greatly from an out-side-the-box catalyst for discovery and a structure providing ongoing support and thought stimulus.
  • Peak Partnering Program
    This program is designed to assist business partners become completely aligned by establishing clarity regarding the non-negotiables, a comprehensive picture of a future vision, and a strategy for moving forward.
  • Team Building Continuum
    Effective teams do not just happen, they have to be cultivated. Putting people together in a group does not automatically and instantly result in a team. This program is a multi-dimensional one that moves from discovery of what is, to clarity of what could be, and to establishing processes to get there.