How I work

INTEG programs are built on the core belief that human potential is just a few steps away from reality. I believe that with the right stimuli and a little coaching support, individuals and groups can move from their present reality to a new and dynamic future vision.

Whether you are the CEO of a company, an independent business person, a business partnership, or the manager of a department, my goal is to assist and support you in reaching yours. My role is to facilitate discovery, be a

catalyst for change, and help energize the process.

The barriers we experience and the problems we face are always human. The primary human issues are internal ones, and therefore solutions emerge only when we get past mere external adjustments. Whether we are managing ourselves or trying to lead others, progress will occur at the speed of trust, individual confidence and personal character. INTEG coaching is built on and committed to an inside/out approach.

All INTEG programs have been designed to tie in to the uniqueness of your situation, connect to your present realities, and align with your current opportunities. Whether in a one-to-one coaching session or a group facilitation, I can be a catalyst for your success journey.



  • INTEGRAL … Human solutions are successful when they are integral, that is when they emerge from the inside-out. When we address core issues, we open the door to the power of discovery existent in the core person.
  • INTEGRATED … People are complex, multi-dimensional creatures. The success of our business strategies will always be hinged to our capacity to value and validate our uniqueness and harmonize our differences. It requires integrated thinking.
  • INTEGRITY … The human resource reaches its potential in direct proportion to the level of trust that exists. Establishing a foundation of personal and organizational integrity is primary and fundamental.