Who I work with

INTEG Coaching serves leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit and professionals who work in fields like sales and business development. They realize that their journey has brought them this far, but there is more, and they want to experience that more … more effectiveness, increased results, larger reward, greater fulfillment. INTEG coaching will provide rhythm and structure that will ensure momentum.

If you have ever asked any of the following questions, then an INTEG coaching process may be exactly what you need …

  • How can I in the midst of my busy, demanding, and often overloaded life; establish some balance, gain some clarity about what is critically important, and some command over my future?
  • How do I stay focused on what is important when there are so many things that complicate and blur the vision?
  • How do I establish and maintain momentum?
  • How do I take my life and business to the next level … what is the next level anyway?
  • What could I do and where could I go to gain some support and resources for my demanding task of providing leadership?
  • What do I have to do to keep my team focused and get my people to see and own the vision?

INTEG clients include entrepreneurs and business leaders of small companies with anywhere from five to fifty employees; managers of a large group of professionals; business partners; individual sales and business development professionals; owners of dental practices; retail and service industry companies; non profit and church organizations.


Excerpts from Client feedback …

    “… Harold’s technique does not allow you to stay stagnant, but guides you to move your mind, body, and spirit to a level few achieve. He helps one truly find their greatness” Dentist“… I now have the ability to better script the future I envision, by controlling my environment, not it controlling me. I would highly recommend Harold’s coaching programs to anyone looking to discover their inner potential” Investment Advisor“As a business owner I lacked the leadership skills necessary to move my team in a positive direction. Through my coaching sessions I am learning to organize, set goals, meet deadlines and face issues head on. I am establishing my role as leader.” Business Owner